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Stuart Howe Federal Campaign 2022


Policies give a window into a person or parties "Ideals", give a sense of what is important, give indication of a direction to follow.

In reading the following policy guidelines it will be determined that this Independent's policy ideals are not that different from the majority of all good and current minor parties.

There will always be the "good" and the "not so good" ideas derived by all political parties, the idea is, as a true Independent candidate, to help formulate more of the good rather than to simply argue against everything that comes before parliament for the sake of arguing or finding fault to simply score political points to do so will continue to get our country nowhere, and as a voter, I am personally sick and tired of politicians, past and present, getting absolutely nothing done, happy only to hear the sound of their own dissenting voices.

Barka Darling River (Murray Darling Basin Plan)
  • Review and amend the Murray Darling Basin Plan through consultation of farming and local communities.
  • Standardised metering and inspections across the Murray Darling Basin, bring an end to self-regulation. Water meters should be owned by government and regularly checked by a government inspector.
  • Satellite technology should be used to measure water use not easily metered (e.g. floodplain harvesting)-measure and evaluate environmental water.
  • Centralised Management of environmental water, and the water kept for environmental purposes only (not sold or swapped).
  • Local decision-making shift back to people who live on the river. Creation of local water boards will make decisions on how best to manage their water reservoirs.
  • Federal royal commission to evaluate the science, weak regulation and selective data undermining the Murray Darling Basin Plan; and bring an end to the corruption.
  • Review water transfer policies.
  • Look into the impact of water trading, particularly the impact of water traded across valleys. If necessary, water traded between valleys should be stopped.
  • Halt future floodplain harvesting plans and conduct independent of Government - scientific assessments of impacts, and clear definitions of the different types of flood plain harvesting. Use satellite technology to measure and properly regulate.
Menindee Lakes
  • Restore the Menindee Lakes - continue to be used to protect the Lower Darling.
  • Re-Invest in communities hardest hit by drought, to bolster their resilience to water variability.
  • Irrigators should be charged on a pro-rata basis for water used only. Irrigator water licences and property rights should be protected, and never subject to compulsory acquisition.
  • Review of Australia?s strategic assets and utilities regarding undue foreign influence. Include ports, electricity networks, water supplies, fuel supplies and other key assets.
  • Remove the threat of foreign interference.
  • No persecution of law abiding firearms owners. Expand self-defence rights and non-lethal means of protection. Promote national education/safety programs for responsible firearms ownership and use.
  • We must value recreational and commercial fishers for their contribution to our society/economy. Support the right of all Australians to catch and purchase Australian seafood.
Australian Freedoms/Right to Privacy
  • Freedom is a right of all Australians and must be defended.
  • End the attack on our freedom of speech, freedom of association and freedom of religious belief.
  • End Government and institutional encroachment, directly and indirectly into these freedoms.
  • Australians should be able to live freely & privately, and definitely not in fear of Government.
  • Individual privacy leads to freedom of thought, freedom of speech and ultimately democratic rights for all.
  • Expanding technological development and unfettered deployment of forces encroaches on individual rights and protections.
  • We must strengthen and further legislate the right to privacy, restrict further the ownership of personal data and expand on the right to require full disclosure from Government.
  • All citizens must know and understand what information or data the state holds, how it is used, if need arises, the ability for removal and deletion of said data.
Fracking Moratorium
  • Develop a comprehensive plan to transition and shut down all fracking that has considerable effect of on artesian water tables and our river systems.
Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
  • Support the installation of recharging stations in all parking stations all over Australia, Replace polluting buses with solar powered electric buses. Subsidise the manufacture of electric trucks and any type of vehicle/machine right here in Australia.
  • Compulsory preferential voting - This gives every voter a say on the final two candidates and prevents issues like wasting your vote or vote splitting. There is a need for more to be done to educate voters on our electoral system, starting with educating our children.
Federal ICAC
  • Establish an effective federal integrity commission for politicians, parties and public servants with genuine powers of criminal arrest and discovery.
  • Require the truth in political advertising law, advertising needs to be in the interests of the Australian people not the interests of a political party?s agenda.
  • Taxpayer refunds of election expenses for parties and/or candidates, limited to actual expenses and to a maximum based on the proportion of the eventual vote.
  • Create and enshrine into Law a retrospective Federal ICAC, with powers to investigate and prosecute politicians, judges and bureaucrats who are corrupt.
  • Ensure such a body cannot be watered down by any majority government in the future or in any way be influenced by any sitting government.
  • Any changes to the structure or functioning of such an agency will require at a minimum an Australia plebiscite for the people to decide on a majority vote as was the case with Same Sex Marriage plebiscite.
  • Develop integrity and accountability agency to oversee democratic process including our electoral commissions and anti-corruption agencies, to improve equity, transparency, accountability in local, state and federal government elections.
Better Veteran Services
  • Veterans who take up a minimum employment contract or personnel who have been injured during their military service to be provided with housing and guaranteed employment opportunities that support their return to civilian life.
Domestic Emergency Support
  • Prioritise funding for and in the event of - Australian national emergencies, to then support effected Australian families.
  • Put future plans into place to support primary producers to help reduce their exposure to weather events and climate change.
  • Australians deserve to be treated equally it does not matter a person's age, race, colour, ethnic, regional or national origin, language, accent, socio-economic background, physical and/or mental attributes or disabilities, illness, gender, gender reassignment, sexual orientation, marital status, pregnancy and maternity, occupation - or lack of, as well as religious, philosophical or spiritual beliefs.
First Nations People
  • Future direct consultation with Indigenous leaders to guide the way forward.
  • Help to do all things possible to empower Indigenous communities .i.e. on treaty, the constitution, education, health, incarceration, Barka Murray/Darling to name only a few.
  • Concentrating fully on the real economy - food, clothing, shelter, transportation/communications needs of the population.
  • Measuring economic growth with the monetary metric of gross domestic product.
  • All policies to ensure a physical metric of whether the economy is capable of sustaining a growing population at a higher standard of living.
  • Think first of Australia's needs and desires to be self-sustainable in re-creating a viable manufacturing sector across many once vibrant sectors.
  • "Free Trade" is not free if it destroys job creation/opportunities/prosperity for our future generations that was once enjoyed by the past/previous generations.
Fair Milk Pricing
  • Supports the introduction of a minimum gate price per litre for Aussie Milk.
  • Ensure Australian Dairy Farmers achieve a fair price for their product to protect viability.
  • Guarantee supply to Australian families (first) prior to any overseas contractual commitment for any milk product as a requirement of excepting any such price protections at the farm gate.
  • Right to adequate housing is one of Australia's international and Human Right obligations.
  • Ensure that everyone has access to affordable, stable housing that provides privacy, space, security.
  • End homelessness - ensure every Australian has access to short-term crisis accommodation.
  • Open up more realistic pathways to affordable community housing.
Agriculture/Rural Communities
  • Promote (through targeted policy) Australia's food security, independent family farms, not corporate agri-businesses.
  • Legislate against further deregulation, free trade and extreme green policies to protect family farmers.
  • Provide credit from a newly created national savings bank, and create new water and transportation infrastructure, and trade certainty to ensure a return to more family farms ensuring long term survival.
  • Return family farming and agriculture to the forefront of Australia's future GDP, economic and environmental development.
  • Put an end to prime agricultural land and water rights being sold to foreign interests.
  • Limit in the future (through future legislation) our economy being further developed using large amounts of foreign private capital.
  • Using the new national bank development funds replace foreign capital to reduce Australian capital and loss of ownership.
  • Establishment a register of foreign owned lands and water ownership Australia wide to show (in detail) foreign government interest ensuring that this register is accessible for public scrutiny.
  • Reduce the level of foreign investment trigger that is required for a review by the Foreign Investment Review Board to $10 Million.
  • Right-to-farm legislation - give farmers private property rights, right to refuse mining operations.
  • Restrict and or limit cheap imports of foods that would undercut Australian farmed foods and risk the biodiversity of Australian farmed produce.
  • Increase water conservation with a view to making water availability for agriculture, and to sustain precious eco-systems a first priority.
  • Create Federal grant system for on-farm infrastructure for water conservation.
  • Increase Federal funding for investment in solar paneled coverage of major water storage to limit evaporation and create efficient distribution infrastructure of same.
  • Increase Federal funding into drought mitigation research and development.
  • Measures to reduce market domination and increase competition in the end user food retail sector.
  • Creation of rural development bank to provide farming enterprises with an alternate source of financial support.
  • Reduce government interference into farming /small business by removing/duplication of State/Territory and Commonwealth law/regulation.
  • Establish in conjunction with Indigenous landholders a Federal appropriate fuel load reduction on public lands through grazing, firewood harvesting, controlled clearing and prescribed burning.
  • Create Australia's own national fertiliser industry.
  • Create and therefore reduce the cost of all petroleum products for the agricultural sector by producing again our own fuel sources, this could be any number of green hydrogen/electric vehicle manufacture, limited by our ability to embrace new sources of climate friendly energy.
  • Create a regulation guarantee of a minimum floor price for the resulting harvests, to keep Australian family farmers on the land.
  • For wheat, wool and other products, legislate to keep our pig, sheep, beef, dairy and other endangered rural industries alive and producing, by any means necessary .i.e. subsidies tariffs/related measures.
  • Empower farmers to play a greater role in the development of land management policies protect and restores the health of Australian soils and native ecosystems.
Health Care
  • Direct Federal Investment to States with catch clause to increase the ratio of nurses to patients in hospitals/aged care.
  • Medicare system - eliminate fraud, over servicing having all GP surgery's etc. specialists install card readers and have Medicare cards swiped at beginning/end of consultation.
  • Medicare cards to use photos ID's.
  • Legislate and further top up Federal funding so that all Australian people should have the same access to healthcare regardless of where they live.
Family Violence
  • Zero tolerance with an understanding first approach to all family and domestic violence.
  • Federal funding and specific domestic violence legislation will be created to ensure safety net services/support will be provided to all victims regardless of their age, gender or sexuality. This to include short term/longer term housing and employment opportunities.
Mental Health
  • Increased Federal funding for mental health programs - increase the access to and availability of qualified health professionals nationally.
  • Ensure mental health programs can be delivered through hubs that are managed within individual communities.
Pharmaceutical Benefits Schedule (PBS)
  • Ensure better access to affordable medications for high risk and low-income patients.
  • Increase Federal support and available range of PBS subsidised medications taking into account demographic needs and regional remoteness.
Adoption Policy
  • Legislate to ensure that every child gets access to a safe, permanent family home and further strengthen the process for each Australian child to be afforded the best chance to get a safe and secure family and home.
  • Federal support to social work networks to ensure families seeking to adopt are afforded the support they need as they move through a family and child focused process.
  • Pro Choice - The Australian government must provide safe, affordable/accessible contraception/abortion services, and that no woman seeking those services should be subject abuse/criminal charges.
Australia's Resources
  • Legislate to build a refinery/related infrastructure for ALL Australian produced resources.
  • Federally create grants to reduce the large input costs to all start up refineries so as to be reflected in correlated energy prices.
  • We as a nation must start to manufacture and create a complete supply chain to ensure a future and the responsible/sustainable use of all Australia's resources, just not a mere exporter of such.
Animal Welfare
  • Legislation for the protection of the welfare of animals which makes any act of animal cruelty a criminal offence.
  • Regulate to create humane conditions of captivity, transport and slaughter of animals.
  • Create a Federal Independent national regulatory body to provide national oversight and coordination of animal welfare.
  • Create Australian animal welfare standards to enable proper humane trade agreements.
  • Set Australian standards for the importation of animal products. Severely restrict and in some cases Ban any product that is imported that is produced by methods which do not accord with Australian animal welfare standards.
  • Champion the improvement of the global conservation of habitat for endangered species.
  • Do all things possible to improve the education on the needs of animals and our responsibility to minimise any physical, psychological and emotional suffering of animals caused by human activities, and to maximise their quality of life.
Age Discrimination/Cruelty
  • Legislate further against bullying, discrimination, callousness and cruelty, in Aged care facilities, punishable by long terms of imprisonment.
Australia's Infrastructure
  • Do all things possible to create new massive (Climate friendly) public infrastructure development of major projects in water, power, and transportation.
  • Focus on Central West NSW to open up to all of Australia economic development and redistribution of population, all future projects to be kept in public ownership.
Agricultural Food/Recourse Supply
  • Future legislate against the hindrance of any given interruption of any type of supply lines within Australia under any given medical emergency or future pandemic .i.e. closure of regional sale yards.
  • Legislate against the interruption of the supply and re-stocking of livestock.
  • Place restrictions to ensure that price gouging in relation to the cost of transport during a medical emergency or pandemic and legislate to make it illegal to interfere with sales and purchases, so as to NOT impact or artificially drive up or impact the price/availability to the domestic Australian or export markets. Define all supply chains as essential under the act.
  • Must form new legislation to ensure a consistent supply of all primary industry produce at ALL times.
Australian Bill Of Rights
  • Protection of human rights is paramount in protecting democracy.
  • Creation of a Human Rights Charter to ensure and enshrine in our constitution all Individual given rights of which include but not limited to; prohibiting slavery/forced labour, diplomatic protections, a right to life, protecting whistleblowers, liberty, privacy, torture and inhuman treatment, security of citizenship, right to free thought/conscience, freedom of religion, equality before the law, discrimination, disabilities rights, housing, health care, fair trials etc.
Australia Post
  • Do all things absolutely possible to ensure that Australia Post stays in PUBLIC hands. Under no circumstance shall Australia Post be sold off to private hands, to do so would have a major impact to yet another service to remote Central West communities of the "Parkes Electorate."
Build Water Infrastructure
  • Australia's water shortages will only be overcome through firstly strengthening State and the creation of Federal ICAC.
  • Legislating against any future Government and or opposition or both setting the terms of reference for any future Royal commission this must be done by a future panel of (Jury type) members of the public in conjunction with a submissions process by all stake holders, to set terms of reference.
  • Massive injections of borrowed capital from new private (but public orientated) institutions that cannot be influenced by any future government to fund extensive water projects.
Parliamentary Terms
  • Prevent through legislation elected politicians from serving as paid lobbyists within five years of ending their political career, ensuring no conflict of future interest.
  • Fixed parliamentary terms, four years in the lower house and eight years in the upper to promote stability. Focus is then more on governing and less on campaigning.
  • In an effort to reduce professional politicians, limit to two-three terms for any sitting politician's.
Parliamentary Code of Conduct
  • Create and enshrine a Code of Conduct for any of our members who are elected to Parliament.
  • Fitness to serve of any member will be heard by an independent Jury of randomly picked Australian Citizens and treated as a normal jury type situation in which the Australian people decide, not the politicians, who is fit to serve to ensure that this does not get used as a political weapon.
  • Legislation will determine the basis for what breeches of conduct look like to enable a jury type trial to then proceed.
  • Referral to such a Jury Tribunal will only happen with a successful majority vote from both houses of parliament to ensure fair process and ensure that tax payers money is not wasted.
Economic Policy
  • Modern Monetary Theory to be used to re-think the ways we as a sovereign nation go about fiscally funding all future major projects. GDP is not a great measure of a nations prosperity. We must do all things possible to ensure we the people take care for the planet and its population. We must live as a part of natures processes and be symbiotic with our climate and planet with every industry trying to always succeed at providing an overall benefit to mankind's prosperity and work within the natural world, to enhance and not to constantly destroy what ultimately feeds and shelters all of mankind.
Banking and Finance
  • Legislate against Banks speculating with deposits and exploiting their customers, safeguard deposits and provide credit for individuals, farmers and all businesses, and not a selected few.
  • Stop any future attempt to the bail-in of deposits, avert a housing and financial crisis by auditing.
  • Do all things to establish a national bank to direct credit into public infrastructure and productive industries.
Health Research
  • Legislate against inequitable health outcomes in regional areas of Central West NSW.
  • Direct funding to conduct audit of regional health services, use findings to develop an action for the upgrade of regional services to cope with any type of medical emergency or pandemic.
  • Massively start to invest into major hospital infrastructure in the Central West NSW to be used predominately for a large training and research centre for our civilian population and military medical personnel. Own outright any such facility.
Zero Plastic Waste
  • Legislate to remove single-use plastic packaging from the market.
  • Support and fund large distributed recycling/manufacturing facilities throughout the Central West of NSW, the facilities would repurpose all waste not only to manage plastic waste etc. but start to create a future resource using all green technology now available.
Doctors and Health Services In Regional Australia
  • Do all things possible to legislate/fund/then construct state of the art Regional Armed services teaching hospital with related diagnostic equipment in Central to the far remote areas of the "Parkes Electorate".
  • Teaching hospital for both armed services and civilian (Regional use) will make Doctors/Specialists alike be available for all fully funded positions. As a direct result Central West regional service to all types and forms of care will increase bringing flow on employment to remote Central West townships as well as an increased security element due to the stationing of a strategic base hospital.
  • Increased access to medicines and medical devices in remote regional areas will result in better health outcomes.
  • In conjunction develop better regional storage for organ, tissue and blood products. Increase the availability of blood donation services in regional areas.
Improve Regional Hearing/Dental and Veterinary Services
  • Legislate to fund and ensure appropriate medicare rebates for all people in Central West regional areas so as to not to disadvantage access to hearing/dentistry/veterinary services.
  • Create/legislate for a subsidy model for fully transportable/mobile semi trailer (similar to Breast Screen Australia model) for all three services combined to constantly travel between remote rural Central West NSW townships.
Parks and Recreation
  • Expand recreational access to the vast areas of public land and public waters suitable for recreational use.
  • Legislate a Federal law to Hunt, Fish and Gather for law abiding licensed hunters and fishers with the creation of a new division of park rangers to police correct use of these pristine areas to ensure no over fishing or hunting occurs and limits/caps are being adhered to.
Affordable Clean Energy
  • Legislate to clear the way for major investing in reliable, low cost, environmentally friendly energy production, transmission and storage to improve how we use energy in our homes and for transport.
Climate Change
  • Legislate to ensure energy initiatives prioritise consideration of climate change mitigation.
  • Emissions reductions and whole of government approach to the transition to a sustainable energy to guarantee affordable and reliable electricity supply for all Australia's people and industries.
  • Increases in Federal support for innovation, research and development within the private, public and university sector.
  • Do all things required to ensure partnerships between environment and industry to achieve economic growth, jobs, and a sustainable clean environment and the transition to a sustainable, diverse energy economy based on renewable sources.
  • Transition into a low-carbon energy sector whilst maintaining energy security and reliability to meet the needs of all communities protecting human and environmental health.
  • Create Federal partnerships with, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in land management and the subsequent regeneration will contribute directly to international initiatives.
Criminalise Wage Theft
  • Wage theft is being uncovered with such regularity and scale that it appears to have reached epidemic proportions.
  • Set a new Federal independent body to oversee or re-develop existing agencies and give these regulatory bodies the ability to prosecute and impose sizable fines in the order of tens' of millions of dollars to eradicate the practice from our work places entirely.
Voluntary Euthanasia
  • Ensure that voluntary euthanasia with appropriate safeguards for the choice to be free and well informed. This choice should only be available when
  • A person is diagnosed with a disease/medical condition that is incurable, and will cause death, and is experiencing suffering that the person considers intolerable.
Gender Policy
  • Australian women are to achieve equality, in this day and age both women and men should hold equal positions of power especially in government/private sector and in public service.
  • Urgent legislation and action is required to safeguard our natural environment.
  • Enshrine into Law all Australians have and deserve the right to clean air, clean water, and diverse and healthy ecosystems.
  • Pro-actively manage the landscape and openly encourage and learn from Indigenous Australians in the management of the land.
  • All future assessments should properly manage a balance between environmental, social and economic requirements in any decision making process.
Covid-19 Restrictions/Vaccinations
  • Above all else, any action, any future legislation by government should ensure liberty, freedom, personal choice and responsibility. Pro personal choice, no part of society should at any time seek to control another in any regard.
  • Limiting our freedoms, effectively mandating vaccinations under the guise of disease control. Oppose any move by the Government to contravene them.
  • All laws in any jurisdiction should not stand without parliamentary debate and scrutiny and must comply with our original Australian constitution.
  • Mandating vaccines is unfair/discriminatory considering many legitimate reasons why individuals may not wish to be vaccinated including health concerns, religious grounds, and personal choice.
  • Decades of systemic abandonment of the Central West NSW regional communities by Government is to end, and there is an increased urgent need for the Federal Government to step in to ensure future adequate medical resourcing and facilities in the "Parkes Electoral Central West Area".
Electric Car Incentives
  • Legislate to introduce an Electric Car Discount, resulting in making electric cars cheaper so that more families who want them can afford them.
  • Create and privately fund a "Tesla" type mega factory to create all forms of electric vehicles from cars, trucks, farm machinery to military vehicles etc. to significantly reduce emissions.
  • Exempt all types of electric vehicles/trucks etc. from import tariffs.
  • Make exemptions below the luxury car tax threshold for fuel efficient vehicles to encourage initially, (until Australia's own manufacturing gets traction) car manufacturers to import and supply more affordable electric models in Australia.
Reduce House/Business Power Bills
  • Legislate to install 100's of community batteries across the country. An investment to cut power bills, cut emissions and reduce pressure on the electricity grid.
  • Create more community batteries to store and distribute electricity more efficiently, by allowing excess solar power to be shared.
  • Accelerate the rollout to the benefit of households and the environment.
  • Create in conjunction with Community batteries the larger grid-scale batteries to further play a critical role in Australia's energy future.
  • Encourage and Federally subsidise individual households to directly store and draw from their own solar power.
Work Environment Safety
  • Further legislate to ensure that employers have a "duty" to take reasonable measures to eliminate sex discrimination, sexual harassment and victimisation, in any work place.
Medicare Rebate
  • Increase GP rebate, overturn recent negative changes to Medicare system, include eyes and hearing as well as dental and mental health.
  • Ensure rebate system will encourage Australians to seek medical attention sooner, early diagnosis will lead to saving of thousands of lives/saving of billions of dollars at the hospital, surgical, physician and palliative levels.
  • All things to be done to reform the current Law systems, to streamline, make affordable for average Australian the ability to properly defend themselves in a court of Law.
Aged Care Reform
  • Legislate as an imperative to improve how older Australians are cared for when they move into assisted living communities and retirement homes.
  • Ensure every Australian has access to low cost community connected facilities to maintain dignity and quality of life.
  • Ensure adequate funding, staffing and facilities for public hospitals, aged care, mental health, dental care.
  • Ensure a minimum standard hospital beds per thousand population must be achieved and maintained.
Rebuild Aussie Manufacturing
  • Infrastructure has been run down over many decades and must be brought back to life. Improve our technical and educational systems-target support for industry to once more thrive and re-expand.
Foreign Ownership
  • Start the process of limiting foreign ownership and restrict foreign investment to allow Australian industry to once again have a chance to flourish. Target fiscal stimulus towards major input costs to small and medium business, to help make these sectors viable and competitive both domestically and internationally.
  • Australian infrastructure, assets, critical businesses, farm land and residential housing needs to remain Australian owned.
  • Restrict foreign ownership to also ensure our national security and sovereignty is protected for future generations.
Limit Future Immigration
  • Immigration must take into account social pressures, housing affordability, employment opportunities of existing Australians, urban sprawl and its effects on the environment and delicate wildlife habitats.
  • We cannot continue to blindly and willfully set a certain number to immigrate in the hundreds of thousands each year for the sake of flat lining our GDP figures, it is irresponsible and detrimental to all current citizens of Australia to place extreme pressure on societies infrastructure this to include, but not limited to, the severe strain out of control immigration policies are having on housing within all communities, especially remote rural Central West NSW.
  • Increase is drastically needed in funding, more schools, facilities and incentives for people to become highly-qualified teachers.
  • Direct funding for education/essential infrastructure repair. The funding must not be used to build new infrastructure, for extracurricular activities, or to make investments.
  • Teachers should have significant increase in their salaries, to attract the large number of extra teachers required to ensure a world class public education system.
  • Equip young Australians with the right tools to improve cognitive abilities/problem-solve.
  • Legislate that students will receive free education in public schools. Free education at university will be for first degrees only. Foreign students will continue to pay fees.
  • Fully fund the TAFE system to provide Australia with skilled workers and no TAFE fees.
  • Create a "prepare them for life after education" courses in senior years of high school to educate on but limited to tax, superannuation, budgeting, democracy, voting system, working rights etc.
Fake News
  • Legislate to make it an offence to publish fake news, with substantial fines for individuals and big media to act as a major deterrent.
  • Establish an independent body to oversee all media, roll back media ownership laws.
  • Do all things to minimise bias/strengthen protections for journalists to enable the ability to speak the truth.
Politicians Wages/Perks Of The Job
  • Review and act on a substantial reduction to current politicians salaries/perks of all politicians.
  • Bring in line Politicians "super" with the rest of society, place a ceiling to future/yearly politician pay increases.
Housing Strategy
  • First and foremost, the Australian Government must adopt a comprehensive national affordable housing strategy.
  • Legislate so that retirees can sell homes without losing pension.
  • Incentives to refugees with regional skills to move to the more remote outback townships.
  • Facilitate working from home.
  • Create a reliable, frequent, public transport strategy.
  • Remove negative gearing on "Existing Home" investment properties, negative gearing allowable only on newly built homes, and "grandfather" this new position so that all existing negative geared properties will lose the right after either sale or by death of original owners. This to limit impact "economic shock" of a future major policy shift.
  • Increased federal funding for public, social and affordable housing nationwide.
  • Nationally consistent and improved rights for renters and put an end to "no fault" eviction, renters have few rights compared to people in other countries where leases are often much longer.
  • Rights should also be nationally consistent across the states and territories.
Community Child Care
  • Connect families to low-cost child care services.
  • Scrap the $10,560 child care subsidy cap which often sees women losing money from an extra day's work.
  • Lift the maximum child care subsidy rates to 80-90% for couples earning less than $200k combined.
Political Donations
  • Real time declarations - who and how much.
  • Limit/place a ceiling on donations.
  • Limit time frame to when donations can be received .i.e. only in the lead up to elections, not during any term so as to limit influence on favorable outcomes for power lobbyists.
Public Bank
  • Re-instate or create a newly formed savings and loan bank for the Australian people in the guise of the original Commonwealth Bank with low rate business loans and development side of the bank.
  • Restrict this bank to be for savings and investment only into the real economy and restrict any investment of funding into assets/derivatives/stocks and shares.
Increase The Rate Of Centrelink Payments
  • Create a welfare system that provides better support and is more understanding of people's individual circumstances.
  • Pay welfare recipients a living payment that will also stimulate jobs as that money goes straight back into local businesses.
  • Leave existing payment levels as is with cash payment to customers' accounts and then the increase payment to come in line with international poverty line standards to be placed in customers' account (personal debit card) that can only be used to pay utilities/housing rent/additional food/school fees/public transport/fuel etc. Increase both tranches of the payment equally and annually to keep up with the cost of living.
Restrict Overseas Buyers/Temporary Visa Holders From Buying Housing In Australia
  • Temporary visa holders to just rent. Sensible legislation designed to stop overseas investors distorting the Australian housing markets to the detriment of Australian's.
  • Tax properties that are left deliberately untenanted.
  • Legislate to encourage owners to rent them out or sell them.
  • Set a minimum owner occupancy periods will protect holiday home owners.
  • Restrict overseas investors and large Superannuation funds from being allowed to buy in large numbers of residential/commercial properties so as to not artificially restrict the supply of housing available to Australian citizen renters or push Australian prices up out of reach of the average family or young Australians.
Anti-Money Laundering
  • Subject bankers, real estate agents, lawyers, accountants, associated professionals with roles in the property sector to the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing Act 2006 to stamp out money laundering by organised crime in Australia's real estate market.
  • Close loopholes which effectively mean Australia is profiting from overseas crime.
Retain Full Independence
  • Protect our sovereignty national, constitutional, and personal, and maintain an adequate defence whilst being compassionate and fair.
Public Service
  • Start to build up again the Australian public service and start to limit the use of external consultants, lift employment, reduce bias outcomes and reports that typically say what the government of the day wants these reports to say.
Corporation Tax
  • Corporations will start to pay their fair share of tax, there will be no longer use of the Australian people's, tired infrastructure around Australia by big corporations without first contributing a set minimal rate of tax.
Food Security
  • Review our total food and water security policies ensuring Australian families have an uninterrupted supply and access to local healthy, natural food and clean drinking water in times of national crisis.
  • Review and roll back water trading within Australia.
Foreign Affairs and Australian Civil Society
  • Believe in a multicultural society, committed to Australian values of democracy.
  • Assist less fortunate nations and peoples, particularly during natural disasters.
  • Do not undermine domestic aid needs, border security and national sovereignty.
  • Defend our borders adequately, align defence spending with the requirements to maintain proper border protections, do no harm, however, should be the policy of border forces unless provoked.
Better Family Law
  • Legislate to ensure families dealing with child access disputes will be supported through long-term mediation and counselling programs to maintain healthy relationships and happy families post-separation.
  • Legislate and fund in regional area's to ensure adequate housing for domestic violence victims or in the case of the male of the household where there is no violence occurring has access to counselling services and temporary housing with the view of more permanent affordable housing for both.
Child Support Reform
  • Reforms the Federal child support system, overhaul how child support is calculated and paid.
  • Remove the financial incentives that are paid to parents who withhold access to children while ensuring on-time payments for parents who have private agreements.
Citizen Initiated Referendum
  • Instigate a referendum on allowing the people to initiate constitutional referendums to ensure political authority of voting Australian public to possess the sovereign right and the power to initiate other legislation.
  • Enable citizen initiated referenda so Australians have a say on important issues after obtaining signatures of 2% of the population.
Community Employment
  • Create community employment programs that will ensure Australians on welfare are provided with training opportunities and paid work in roles that support working families in their community, and not allow charities to take advantage of welfare recipients for free labour all while having welfare recipients conduct the business of large charities but have no avenue to part or full time employment within any particular charity or community service.
  • Charities and community service providers must engage with welfare recipients with the view of offering part or full time employment for a minimum term of 12 months to receive any Federal subsidy.
Infrastructure Creation Across Regional Australia
  • Alleviate major flooding and channel excess water into the Darling River.
  • Properly capture rain runoff for re-use in regional towns by diverting excess rain water into large appropriate storage facilities, not just back into the surrounding river systems.
  • Create regional airport facility in each state and territory to be able to transport produce direct to the rest of the world.
  • Tax incentives for businesses to set up around regional airport facilities to create jobs.
  • Build a public university in one major regional centre in each state so as to limit regional students travel to cities for education and keep youth in the country.
  • Abolish all road tolls Australia wide and support more public transport. Negotiate with States.
  • Federally fund support to set up hostels for homeless to provide free meals, showering, laundry facilities etc.
  • Put a Stop to middle class, high income welfare and government waste on consultancies.

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